Preview our metaverse

Preview our metaverse

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Ode à l'infini

Discover our infinite temple
@Demetera x NastyCrowd

Demetera Anta Granda Comenda

Discover Anta Granda Comenda under different lighting conditions!
@Demetera x Morbase Museum

Demetera Hall Of Fame

Discover the work and life of talented directors.

Demetera Cineclub

Discover new films while making new connections

Demetera Cineclassics

Watch some of the best classic films

Demetera Team

Discover our team and their stories

Demetera Interviews

Discover our awarded directors!

Coldest Beauty

An ode to beauty


An ode to ice and perceptions

I gave life

An ode to life

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Who we are

The metaverse for artists and dreamers

Demetera is the first metaverse solely dedicated to the arts: films, exhibitions, fashion and musical experiences and more. This project is a spin-off of our International Film Festival. We designed our metaverse to initially fit our festival needs, but later realised that it could be useful for other events as well. So we externalised our platform to make it available to independent, creative and bold artists and events maker. We believe that bringing people with different backgrounds, together in the same room is key for creativity.

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