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Open, immersive, edgy

Our vision

We want to create an open metaverse dedicated to the creative industry. A place where people can share experiences, connect, and explore new creative possibilities. This metaverse will consist of curated events and showcases.This includes exhibition rooms, immersive meeting rooms, art exhibitions, fashion shows, film festivals and more. All public events will be accessible directly on our platform demetera.arts, and will be accessible for free.


Endless possibilities


Avatar creation

User can create their own avatar and use it across our metaverse.


Multiplayer mode

Users can be up to 10 in the same room, and we can scale the number of rooms if there are more people.


Voice & video chat

Users can use voice / video chat to connect with one another.


Custom 3D

We support on demand 3D rooms, to make your event unique.


Video streaming

We support video streaming, including subtitles & geoblocking.


Web3 Integration

We can support Web3, NFT and wallet integration for your event.

How it works


Open & accessible

Access directly with your web-browser, everywhere, with any computer, no VR headsets needed.


Easy to use

The overall experience is very easy and smooth for users, so that anyone can join.



We are using the latest security standards so that all connections are secure and anonymous. All our files (films, books) are also stored securely.

Case studies

  • Film Showcase
  • Reading room
  • Team presentation
  • Interviews
  • Meetings rooms
Demetera 2019

Film Showcase

Immersive room where users can get some information about films, bios of artists as well as watch their films and trailers.

Students or selected artists can showcase their work. If the user clicks on the poster, infos, synopsys and bio will be displayed. User can then watch the film, interviews, or trailer.

Demetera 2020

Reading room

Let users discover your scripts or books in an immersive room.

Users can sit down, relax and read scripts, books, magazines and more. All in an immersive 3D environment.

Demetera 2021

Team presentation

Present your team, directors and work with immersive avatars, and video streaming.

All team members can present themselves with an audio file, and corresponding animation. The avatars and backgrounds are fully customisable.

Demetera 2022


Interview some some of your students, or selected artists. Recorded or live.

Share amazing interactive interviews, either live or recorded. Users can also watch films and stills interactively during the interview.

Demetera 2023

Meetings rooms

Immersive meeting rooms where users can watch selected films and connect with video chat.

Create custom rooms where some users can meet and exchange ideas. For example selected director's room, or industry room.

More case studies

  • Cinema Room
  • Film Festival Showcase
  • Cinema club
  • Watch a film with friends
  • Art Galleries
Demetera 2023

Cinema Room

Allow your users to sit in a proper cinema and watch some amazing award-winning films.

Watch films in a proper replica of a real movie theatre. Enjoy the atmosphere from your home.

Demetera 2023

Film Festival Showcase

Immersive multiplayer room where users can watch films and connect with video chat.

One large theater, where users can watch films, interviews and trailers at either a fixed time, or during a given period.

Demetera 2023

Cinema club

Schedule some films at a certain time of the day, let users watch, and debate about it.

Create an open cine-club with strangers, or your friends. Plan the list of films in advance, and organise gatherings to discuss them.

Demetera 2023

Watch a film with friends

Organise a private viewing with some friends or peers, and talk about it live through video chat.

Watch films with your friends, and enjoy video chat all together to share a fun common experience.

Demetera 2023

Art Galleries

Organise a private viewing with some friends or peers, and discuss it live through video chat.

Imagine walking in an interactive art gallery. All immersive, with stunning 3D graphics.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Demetera, and does it work with other Metaverse platforms?

Demetera is a self-contained Metaverse platform where creators, event organisers and brands create their own Worlds. The content within it is designed to be compatible and easily connectable with other Metaverses.

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